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DJ Simpson

DJ Simpson's practice for the past five years has consisted of exhibiting laminated panels carved and cut with a hand held or CNC router, a process he has described as drawing with electricity. Simpson's large panels sit somewhere between the categories of drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. The marks and images are carved by machine in wood and plastic but appear impossibly fluid and gestural. Simpson has exhibited extensively in group shows in London including ?New Labour at the Saatchi Gallery London 2001. DJ Simpson has also exhibited internationally and is included in ?Painting as a Foreign Language Edifico Cultura Englesa, Sao Paulo, Brazil and ?Tailsliding, a British Council show that has toured Europe. His solo exhibitions include Modern Art London and PS Amsterdam in 2000, Sies + Hoke Galerie Dusseldorf in 2001 and Ausstellungsraum Munster in 2002.

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