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Fiona Pardington

Fiona Pardington was born in Auckland in 1961 of Maori (Kai Tahu, Kati Mamoe) and Scottish descent. She graduated from Elam with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (photography) in 1984 and later a Doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Auckland in 2011. She became an Arts Foundation Laureate in 2011.

She has worked as a lecturer, tutor, assessor and moderator on many photography, design and fine arts programmes at various NZ universities and polytechnics.
She has created dramatically different series of photographic still life works ranging from the representation of the female body in 50's and 60's soft porn images through to dark, stylised images of heitikis and tail feathers from the extinct Huia bird. She is one of New Zealand's most important and celebrated photographers.

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